Talented Acts Has Closed

Sadly I have decided to close Talented acts.

Despite spending two months, hundreds of hours and more money than I care to think about to give my fellow acts a 100% free, professional, dedicated platform to share their videos to entertain the public during the lockdown, it seems it was just too much effort for most of them to get involved.

I have to say the levels of negativity and scepticism I encountered from so-called professional entertainers was incredible and very eye-opening. I guess you can’t help some people even when that help is totally free of charge and full of good intention.

I would like to thank all the acts that did post videos, however, it is just not viable for me to keep paying for the site when it is not being used or shared by the acts. I did say at the start of this project that I could not run it on my own and it would require a small amount of effort from a lot of people to work, sadly that effort never came.

Stay happy and stay safe

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